Immigrating From the USA to the UK

Moving to the UK from the USA is an effortless process when experienced immigration lawyers are involved. The UK government has clear instructions on obtaining a visa and gaining legal entry to the country. Immigration companies are also ready to own the process and help people secure the proper documents per the law. Below is an overview of moving to the UK, including working with a reputable UK immigration lawyer in the USA.

Requirements for USA to UK Immigration

Moving to the UK from the USA requires due diligence, whether or not the immigration is work-related. Immigrants from the USA must provide a valid UK visa and residence permit. Some have personal belongings to relocate, which calls for extra considerations. One may also need to open a bank account and find appropriate accommodation. Here’s more:

UK Visa and Residence Permit

Immigrants to the UK need a valid UK visa. There are various visas, and each suits specific immigrants with unique requirements. Top pathways to permanent residency include skilled worker, health and care worker, minister of religion, intra-company, and international sportsperson visas. Such paths are through work. Immigrants can also move to the UK without a job through a UK ancestry visa, investor visa, global talent visa, and innovator visa.

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Moving Belongings and Pets

There are two ways to ship belongings: air and water. Air shipping is fast but costly, while water shipping is cheaper but takes several months. Immigrants shipping belongings should apply for transfer of residency reliefs to avoid paying customs charges. The UK government also accepts immigrants bringing along their pet provided it meets entry requirements such as vaccination against rabies and microchipping. Other requirements include a health care certificate and tapeworm treatment.

Finding the Perfect Accommodation

One must prove their right to abode to be considered for renting in the UK. The proof can be the current passport or evidence of legal temporary or permanent stay. Rental owners and hotels also accept BRPs and other valid documents from the Home Office. Immigrants from the US should leverage the six-month visa-free stay to visit the UK and review the neighborhoods, rental costs, and amenities. The goal is to get the perfect accommodation and quality of life.

Opening a Bank Account

Renting a house, office, or property in the UK requires a bank account, and opening an account requires an address. It’s one of the challenges for immigrants with belongings or pets to ship, but there are many solutions. Immigrants can use a relocation agency to find the perfect properties. Another option is US banks with a UK branch for UK customers. The last option is to open an account with a UK bank with a US branch for offshore account holders. 

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Working With a Reputable UK Immigration Lawyer in the USA

American citizens visiting the UK with no long-term plans can stay up to six months without a visa, provided they don’t work during their visa-free stay. Immigrants seeking residency permanently or for more than six months need a valid license and other arrangements. Working with an immigration agency and lawyer is one way to guarantee a smooth relocation.

The lawyer will handle visa applications, residency permits, property selection, shipping, pets, and all other aspects of the relocation. Leading agencies also offer free sound professional advice. Contact a UK immigration lawyer in the USA to get started on the process. Experts specializing in UK-bound immigration can bring clarity to the entire process.

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