10 Moving Hacks for a Stress-Free Transition

A new survey conducted by One Poll found that moving is one of the most stressful life experiences for most Americans. Some of the stress points of relocating to a new house include lifting and squeezing furniture through doors. Organizing the new house can take some time for those who don’t work with movers. Here are 10 moving hacks for a stress-free transition.

1. Make a Budget List and a Moving List

Moving can be an expensive event depending on what you want to move from your current house and the distance to the new place. It is prudent to prepare your budget list and moving list early. You don’t want to estimate the funds required. Otherwise, your estimation may fall under the actual budget. And this could mean more problems when the day comes.

2. Meticulous Planning

Moving requires meticulous planning which is why you should purchase packaging materials early and begin packing beforehand. There is always a better alternative to Uline and choosing

high-quality boxes guarantees your items are safe. This could be 8 or 4 weeks before moving. You begin with the items that you don’t use frequently, although you can also pack some essentials such as utensils, and just leave out a few cups, plates, pieces of cutlery, and so on. The goal is to minimize your workload for the moving day.

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3. Weigh the Pros and Cons of Hiring the Experts

Your family and friends can help you with the move. The problem is that maybe some of them may not be available on the day of the move. If you don’t have enough help on that day, things can become pretty much hectic and you can spend a lot of time getting the work done. Weigh the pros and cons of hiring a moving service so that you can make the work easier.

4. Send out Notices

Send notices to the relevant people before you move. Remember, there are things you will need to switch such as gas and cables. Failure to do this before moving means that you may have to do without some essentials for the first few days. For easy transitions, ensure that the management of your new apartment is expecting you.

5. Declutter

Moving means starting afresh for most people. There are items that you don’t want to bring into your new house. These are the likes of old clothes that you no longer wear, expired food, outdated, stray cords, electronics, expired medicine, and much more. Dispose of these items and only keep what you will need for your new home.

6. Don’t Rush the Move

Packing in a hurry can be disastrous. You are likely to do it wrong because you are rushing and there will be consequences. This may include damaged items because they were not properly packed, labeling some boxes wrongly, and failing to wrap the boxes securely.

7. Packing Light

Packing light is one of the best ways to make moving and transitioning easy. You want to pack boxes that you can lift. The ultimate objective is to ensure that you can move these boxes to their respective rooms for unpacking. Otherwise, you will need an extra hand that not be available when settling into your new apartment.

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8. Avoid empty spaces in the Boxes

You want your boxes to be tight and full. Boxes with items that are shifting around after they are off the ground can be quite unstable. They are also easy to accidentally drop regardless of whether you are the one loading them up or it is the movers. Ultimately, this can lead to the damaging of valuable items. Make sure all your moving boxes do not have empty spaces.

9. Bundle All Breakable Items

You have items that can break easily. These include liquor bottles, cups, glasses, plates, and so on. You want to ensure that they have some extra padding when packing. Protect them from any impact that may arise from falling. You want them to get to your new home safely.

10. Pack Hazardous Materials Separately

Do not mix up hazardous materials with everything else. For example, acids may spill on your favorite clothes. Consequently, you will have to buy some new clothes soon, after moving. Separating hazardous and non-hazardous items will go a long way in ensuring that all your belongings are safe.

Closing Thoughts

Moving doesn’t have to be a stressful event. It can be a little bit tiring, but it should also be smooth and bearable. With the hacks we have listed above, your next moves should be fun and easy. 

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