Best Fitness Apps And Resources To Get You Moving

Many health-conscious individuals, such as yourself, will try to stay committed to a fitness routine. This is especially true when beginning a new year. If you have a busy schedule, this can be a challenge. However, advances in technology have made it possible for you to stay committed by downloading an interactive app from your cell phone’s play/app store. Let’s explore a few popular fitness apps for this year.


If you are looking for a plan that offers workout routines and meal planning, you may want to check out an app called 8fit. It is offered in the app store of both the iPhone and Android. Like many apps, 8fit offers a free version as well as a pro version. The free version of this fitness app offers a few workout routines along with the ability to track your weight and other fitness activities throughout the day. 

To use the pro version of the app, you will have to spend some money. Subsequently, the purchase will open up a variety of other options offered, such as meal planning, additional workout routines, and shopping lists. The pro version offers three different payments amounts that can cater to your personal budget. You can pay per year($79.99), every six months ($59.99), or per month ($24.99).


You may like a fitness app that has an actual trainer speaking the routine to you, therefore, you will not have to touch nor look at the device you are using throughout the fitness routine. Aaptiv is such an app. This app may periodically offer a seven-day free trial but there is no free version of this fitness app beyond the free trial. 

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You can test the app and avoid any fees this way. The app has two payment amounts which are offered monthly ($14.99) or yearly ($99.99). The app constructs your routine based on the type of exercise and music you like. Some of the different areas of focus that will assist in compiling your fitness routine in the app are cycling, yoga, and stretching. This fitness app is also offered in both an iPhone and Android app store.

For Stroke Patients

There are also physical therapy exercises for people who have suffered an attack such as a stroke called Gait training exercises. The word gait pertains to the way in which you walk and gait training is physical therapy that looks to correct the way you walk after a stroke perhaps. Such exercises can include seated marching, toe-tapping, knee extensions, and knee to chest movements just to name a few. Although these exercises seem simple enough, it may be sensible for you to employ a physical therapist while performing these exercises if you or a family member has suffered a stroke.

Charity Miles

A fitness app called Charity Miles is a totally different type of app from what you have learned about so far. It actually allows you to log your miles while you run, walk or ride a bike. Based on the number of miles accrued, different sponsors associated with the app donate money to an organization that you choose to support. 

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By using this app you can also form a pledge drive which allows you to solicit to friends, family, co-workers, etc. and they can then choose a specific amount like $.50 to donate per mile. Supporting a worthy cause and being fit could be a great combination for a fitness app to keep you motivated to your fitness goals while the app is offered free of charge.

Closing Thoughts

Fitness apps are not created equally. They can each offer their own options of support to reach your goal. One app can offer an actual trainer within the app while another app does not offer a trainer. Some apps are totally free while others may offer only a one-time free trial for a specific time frame. While another fitness app or resource offers charity or rehabilitation. Depending on your particular needs, there are many fitness apps or resources to find and research at the tip of your fingers. It is up to you to get started.

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