Five Home Improvement Tips to Make Your Home Safer

Our home is our safe space. It is a place where we live, relax, and have full freedom. This is the place where all our family members feel secure. Unfortunately, many incidents in our houses can cause danger to the life of our beloved family. 

What are these incidents? How can we stay safe? And what steps do we need to take? Let’s discuss all this and much more in this article. In this way, you will learn some useful home safety tips. So, let’s begin.

Kitchen Safety 

Whether we want to cook food or eat delicious meals, we head over to our house kitchen. But taking necessary safety steps is essential to stay secure. These include: 

Obtain a Gas Certificate 

A kitchen is a place where we keep most of the gas appliances. From microwave ovens to grillers, everything is present in our kitchens. Though these appliances make our lives easier, they come with a huge risk. Gas leakage is a common problem and may result in life-threatening conditions. 

Therefore, make sure to get gas safety certification every year. The gas safety certificate cost will depend upon the number of appliances. You just need to call a gas engineer. Once the inspection is done, you will get a certificate. It ensures that all appliances are in working condition with no risk of gas leakage. 

Place Things at a Distance from Fire Sources 

Make sure to use stoves and ovens with care. Never put flammable objects like newspapers, tissue paper, and match sticks near the stove. Also, put harmful chemicals and cleaning agents away from the stove.

Check the Shut Off Values 

Many of us do not know where the shut-off values are present in our house. It is important to know the exact location and usage of these valves, be it gas, water, or electricity. In gas leakage or a short circuit, we can directly shut off the value and control the situation. 

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Also, call an expert to see if all values are working correctly. Include it in your yearly plan so that you won’t miss it. You should know the direction in which you need to move the value to turn it off. 

Dealing with values can be dangerous if you don’t have the proper knowledge. So, never try anything without getting advice from an expert. 

Use Alarms and Smoke Detectors 

Several types of alarms are available today. They pop up and notify the family members to take appropriate steps. These types of alarms include: 

Smoke Alarm 

smoke alarm automatically detects the presence of smoke in the house. Thus, it can save lives and help your family to stay safe. These alarms are highly important, especially in houses with multiple portions. 

It means that if there is some smoke in the upper portion and family members are sitting downstairs, the alarm can tell the presence of smoke. 

Heat Alarms 

If you regularly use a heating system in the house, use heat alarms. In this alarm, you can set a certain temperature at which the alarm will notify you. 

Carbon monoxide Detectors 

Carbon monoxide poisoning can lead to death. This gas is odorless; therefore, its detection is difficult. If you use a detector, it will notify you whenever there is an excess of carbon monoxide in the house. 

The alarm keeps on checking the amount of this gas in the air. Place it anywhere in the house and stay safe from this poisonous gas. 

Pick a Suitable Home Security System 

Thankfully, growing technology has given us commendable benefits. Today, we have numerous home security systems that can provide 24/7 security. But, yes, in some systems, professionals track the houses and notify the fire department in case of dangers. 

Or, in case of theft, they call the police. Thus, you don’t need to worry about anything when a surveillance system is present in your house. 

These security systems are more important for families that frequently travel. Even in your absence, the surveillance team tracks your house. Thus, you can enjoy vacations with peace of mind. Some well-known security systems include: 

  • ADT 
  • Front Point 
  • Cove 
  • Simple Safe 
  • Vivint 

Among these, Cove is the cheapest with $14.99/month charges. Whereas Front Point is the most expensive with $34.99 monthly charges. ADT also enjoys a big name in the market, and Vivint has great ratings. 

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Since each system comes with different features, you can pick the one that suits your needs. 

Buy Safety Equipment 

Incidents can happen anytime. Therefore, we always need to be prepared. Creating a contingency plan and educating all family members about it is a great step towards house safety. 

Since each member knows what to do in case of danger, there will be less panic. Additionally, this plan will let you purchase things accordingly. For instance, you can buy a fire extinguisher and tell everyone in the house where it is kept. 

Likewise, purchase a first aid kit, gloves, and masks. Also, mention steps to take in an emergency. You can even assign roles so that each member will know what to do. 

For instance, the adults will be responsible for shutting off the values while the young ones can open windows in case of gas leakage. 

Quick Tip:

Never forget to paste a paper having all emergency contact numbers in your house. It should be pasted on a wall from where everyone can see it. A kitchen or a living room is an ideal place for it. 

Wrapping It Up 

All in all, with just a few tips, we can increase our house safety. Nothing is more important than the lives of our loved ones. So, never compromise in installing security systems, heat detectors, and fire alarms. 

Furthermore, buy safety equipment and create an emergency action plan. Instead of panicking, this plan will help take the right steps.

Kitchen safety is another important aspect. Make sure to keep hazardous chemicals in a safe place, check gas appliances, and keep things at a distance from the stove. 

So, follow these tips and make your house a safe place to live. 


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