Mario Kart 64: Race with Your Buddies

Playing video games by yourself is enjoyable enough, but wouldn’t it be more fun when you have your friends join in on the fun, too? How about playing a racing game that is full of adrenaline and surprises at the same time?

There is an old game by the name of Mario Kart 64 and it is touted to be one of the greatest Nintendo games of all time. No wonder, Mario has already been a household name among the gaming community, and to make a game that is centered in the Mario Universe is all the more exciting!

Where Could I Play Mario Kart 64?

The gaming platform is the Nintendo 64. If you can remember, the console has 4 ports for 4 controllers. That means you and 3 of your friends can play all at the same time!

Now, what makes Mario Kart 64 one of the greatest? Well, aside from the characters, the gameplay has revolutionized the racing genre. The gist of the game is for you to race against your buddies or computer opponents by using karts and items.

What’s more, there are special boxes that hold different surprises. You can gain traps that can obstruct other players from reaching the goal. That is what you should aim for; you get those special boxes in order to gain an advantage.

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Mode Types in Mario Kart 64

There are also different game modes you can choose from. There are four game modes, namely Grand Prix, Time Trial, Versus mode, and Battle Mode.

In the Grand Prix mode, you will participate in three-lap races which you have to complete four times. Each time you compete, you will be on a different course. You will be awarded points depending on your placement during the race.

In the time trial mode, you will play against a mimic or a ghost player that will copy your race moves from previous races. The objective is to finish each track as fast as possible. All the best times will be saved and recorded.

Versus mode is the game mode to choose if you want to compete with your buddies. You can play with 3 of your buddies and there are no computer players that will impede your evil plan against your friends.

Battle mode is quite similar to that of Versus mode, but the only key difference is that you have other objectives. In this game mode, each kart has three balloons. The player who has all their balloons busted loses the race. You can pop the balloons by using items.

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Now that you know the different game modes present in the game, it is now time to introduce the characters. There is a total of 8 playable characters and they are:

  • Mario
  • Luigi
  • Princess Peach
  • Toad
  • Yoshi
  • Donkey Kong
  • Wario
  • Bowser

There are three different tiers of drivers: lightweight, middleweight and heavyweight. The Lightweight drivers have the highest acceleration and are the fastest. Middleweight drivers have the slowest acceleration.And lastly, the heavyweight drivers have slower acceleration compared to lightweights, but they have similar speeds as the middleweights.

In Conclusion

So, if you want to play a cool racing game with your buddies, be sure to try Mario Kart 64. It’s amazing and fun!

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