Overwatch is Going to Have a New Hero Soon

Overwatch is really popular nowadays that it even rivals the League of Legends in South Korea in terms of gamers playing the game.

Since its launch, Jeff Kaplan, the game’s director, said that they are going to release new content in the future. This means that there will be new maps, new objectives, and of course, new heroes.

New Hero in Overwatch

Since then, there were rumors that a new hero will be available in the near future. This hero would be a support hero and he/she will have an interesting dynamic.

Recently, there was a schematic released by Blizzard showcasing what may very well be the next hero that will be coming to the game.

Apparently, the hero’s name will be “Sombra” and she wields an interesting weapon: a sniper rifle that is capable of shooting some heals.

You see, the current meta of the game is that support heroes should be near to their teammates in order for them to dish out some heals.

Lucio, for example, needs to be in the vicinity of his teammates in order for them to enjoy his healing boost.

Mercy is also a prime example of a healer that needs to be nearby an ally in order for her to heal them.

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What does this present most support heroes? It means that support heroes will also be in the line of fire.

And, since support heroes have the ability to heal, they will most likely be the primary targets as killing them will severely hamper the opposing team’s forces.

Sombra, on the other hand, might be able to dish out some restorative bullets and can probably heal her teammates from a distance. This is great, especially on maps that require you to stop the payload or defend the point, for example.

So, What Character?

Now, I said the word “might” in the previous paragraph because it is still not sure whether Sombra will indeed be handing out heals from a safe distance.

All of the rumors and speculations point out to the schematic that was just released. The sniper rifle was created by Torbjorn and it is for Sombra and Soldier 76.

We know that Soldier 76 uses an assault rifle and he does have a biotic field. The new weapon schematic released could mean that the biotic rifle will be Sombra’s weapon of choice.

Now, this presents some interesting points. For one, if Sombra is going to have a sniper rifle that can heal allies, does she need to aim it carefully at them for her teammates to receive some healing?

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Second, after firing the healing bullets, does she need to be, at least, in the line of sight of her teammates for them to enjoy the healing benefits?

These are just rumors and speculations and it is up to Blizzard to confirm all of these. I am pretty sure Sombra will be joining the team very soon.

In Conclusion

Overwatch is a highly competitive first-person shooting game and is available across various platforms such as the PC, Xbox One, and the Playstation 4 game consoles.

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