Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

Square Enix is a gaming company that pioneers in creating a lot of really good Role Playing games.

Today, we are going to talk about a role playing game for the Nintendo GameCube. The Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles is the first of its kind because it is the first Final Fantasy game that incorporates real time action battle system.

Active Time Battle Systems in Final Fantasy

You see, for the most part before this game was released, Final Fantasy games adopted the ATB or Active Time Battle system. Do not be confused with the moniker because it is just a fancy name for an interactive turn-based approach to the battle system.

What Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles had are quite different. It is the first of its kind because the battle system has changed. It is the first Final Fantasy game to use the real-time action battle system which allows you to control your character’s movements and attack at will, without having to wait for a time bar to perform actions.

A lot of people, since then, have embraced this new battle system because it is more intuitive and it is more exciting. It seems that Square Enix’s attempt to redefine Role playing games’ battle system has worked.

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The gameplay, as with all other Final Fantasy games, is pretty expansive. Exploration is key in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles. Basically, you are presented with an Overview of the World map which allows you to travel to different paths. Explore new dungeons and get blueprints that can be used to create weapons, armors, and accessories.

Buying System in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

Unlike previous Final Fantasy games, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles has a different buying system. You see, in previous installments, you can pretty much buy pre-crafted gear from a blacksmith or any merchant, for example. But, in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles, you will have to get blueprints that can be gotten from various sources.

Blueprints can range from weapons to accessories and you will have to go to a particular NPC to have it crafted (for example, you go to the blacksmith if you have a blueprint for a weapon and you go to a tailor if you want an armor to be crafted). Then, you will pay these NPCs with a certain amount of Gil (the in-game currency), and the NPCs will give the items to you after that.

As for the story, the game takes place in an unknown world filled with Miasma. This Miasma is a noxious gas that, if inhaled in large amounts, can be fatal. Each town in this unknown world is protected by crystals which have immense powers. These crystals generate a barrier that protects these towns and cities.

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You, as the main character, will have to repower these crystals because the crystals only have a limited supply of Myrrh, or their fuel so to speak.

The main character must travel to different dungeons in search of a Myrrh tree so he can extract the Myrrh to power the crystals.

This game is so diverse in that it has different races that you can interact with., These races are the Clavats, Lilties, Selkies, and the Yukes.

In Conclusion

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles is a really great and expansive game and it truly revolutionized the Role-playing game as a genre because of its unique battle system. This game is available for the Nintendo GameCube.

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