It’s Possible to Play Sports With Braces! Here’s How…

How many teeth do you think get knocked out on the sports field annually in the USA? You might be shocked to know the answer. It is 50,000!! It is vital to take care of your teeth if you are an athlete, especially while playing your sport and are on the field. Dental injuries can worsen with braces. Therefore you need to be extra cautious if your orthodontic braces treatment is going on.

Common Dental Injuries While Playing Sports

Contact sports have a higher chance of injuries overall – including injuries due to braces. Let’s check out some common injuries:

Wounds on the Cheeks, Lips, & Tongue

While playing sports, it is common to get hit on your mouth. A ball, hockey stick, or someone’s fists or shoulder comes in contact with your mouth. Your cheeks, lips, and tongue gets lacerated. If you are on orthodontic braces treatment, those braces can pierce further.

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Chipped or Broken Teeth

An external force can impact your teeth, resulting in them getting chipped or broken. It’s a painful situation as such. But if you are on braces, the treatment of your teeth gets more complex.

Inflicted Damage of the Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ)

TMJ disorder is a dreadful dental disease. A strong blow to the jaw can trigger it. It doesn’t get cured easily and gives unbearable pain.

Root & Jaw Fracture

Mishaps like falls and blows are common in sports. They can turn fatal if your teeth or jaw get fractured. With these kinds of injuries during braces, you might need to restart your orthodontic treatment after healing from them.

These were some common dental lesions that trouble athletes. You may face other minor and major dental issues if you are not careful while playing sports.

One Solution for All Kinds of Dental Hazards – Orthodontic Mouthguard

One precaution that can save you from all this pain and is an orthodontic mouthguard. They are larger mouth guards explicitly made for athletes going through braces treatment. Orthodontic mouthguards are made of silicon material. It is a soft material that can minimize any substantial impact on your teeth.

Regular Mouth Guard v/s Orthodontic Mouth Guard

Regular sports mouthguards are also available in the market. But they don’t fit comfortably like the orthodontics ones, and they are manufactured from hard plastic. Thus it will do more harm to teeth with braces if you face an unlucky accident.

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A sports mouthguard can adversely affect your dental safety if you are on orthodontic braces. Therefore always choose an orthodontics mouth guard if you are undergoing braces treatment.

Parting Words!

A true Athlete can come back stronger from any painful experience. But that doesn’t mean you leave caution. Be as watchful as possible at the field! Wear an orthodontic mouthguard. Contact your orthodontist immediately if you face any impact on your teeth and braces. Do all this and more to protect yourself and your teeth. All the best for your next game!


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