Logitech G610 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Mechanical gaming keyboards pretty much dominate the market today. That is because mechanical switches give you an edge over its rubber-domed counterparts.

The tactile feel and the feedback that the mechanical switches provide are just amazing and one can never overlook its advantage in games.

The Price Tag of Logitech G610

Now, most mechanical gaming keyboards come with a huge price tag. What if you only have less than $100 to spend on a mechanical gaming keyboard?

Well, you’re in luck! There is a mechanical gaming keyboard made by a prominent gaming peripherals manufacturer that you can buy for under $100.

The gaming keyboard I am referring to is the Logitech G610. This gaming keyboard is amazing and I will talk about every facet of this keyboard in this article.

Let’s start with the design and construction of this gaming keyboard. The Logitech G610 is a simple looking mechanical gaming keyboard. It’s got the “G” logo located on the upper left side, dedicated media keys on the upper right side, it also has the “Game mode” switch which allows you to disable the Windows Key, and a key that is used to control different lighting intensities.

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Switches on Logitech G610

The main focal point of the Logitech G610 is its Cherry MX switches. This gaming keyboard comes in 2 variants: one with the Cherry MX Reds and one with the Cherry MX Browns.

What is the difference between the two? For the uninitiated, MX Red Switches are linear switches in that they do not have a tactile bump when you bottom out the key.

The Cherry MX browns are much like the MX reds with the exception of a tactile bump. This, in turn, converts the Cherry MX Browns into a gaming switch with a tactile feedback, and thus, is not a linear switch.

Both of the switches, although with major differences, require the same actuation force for the key to register and that is 45 grams.

Both of these Cherry MX Switches are widely used by gamers because of their amazing feel and they are two of the quickest mechanical switches available on the market today.

To cut down on the costs, the Logitech G610 is not a flashy gaming keyboard. It doesn’t have dedicated macro buttons and it doesn’t have RGB lighting.

Speaking of lighting, the Logitech G610 comes with a white LED and every key on the keyboard has a white LED beneath it. It may not be too flashy but it pretty much serves the purpose of illuminating the gaming keyboard; perfect for gamers who wish to play in the dark.

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Furthermore, the Logitech G610, although it doesn’t have dedicated macro buttons, can still be tweaked with the use of the Logitech Gaming software. You can program some macros and bind it to any key on the keyboard.

In Conclusion

The Logitech G610 may be a simple keyboard but it does the job pretty well and it is solidly built.

This mechanical gaming keyboard is targeted for budget gamers who do not have a lot of money to buy expensive gear.

The Logitech G610 costs only $80. For the price, this is a very good mechanical gaming keyboard.

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